Volume 12 Number 6 Issue 133 | June 2007


Current Customers -- 24% Off for 12 Months
WAIVED Set-up Fees for Webmaster Hosting Plans
Triple Prepayment Discounts for New Accounts
WAIVED Set-up Fees on New Accounts for Refugees
Add Multiple Dedicated IP Domain Names and Save
FreeBSD 6.2 Upgrade Schedule Available
Interview with brian d foy, Editor of The Perl Review
Celebrate pairNIC's 5th Anniversary -- 5 for $50 Special!
Transfer to pairNIC -- $10 per Domain Name Year Special
New E-Mail Forwarding Service Now Available
Double Term Special -- Limited Time
The pairLite Difference
Turbocharge Your QuickServe with a RAM Upgrade
Let Your Online Store Sell for You: Upselling and Cross-Selling
Signing up Made Easy Using the ACC
Now Hosting 190,000+ Web Sites
Postal Address - Fax Number - Contact Info

All current customers can take advantage of our 12 Months for 24% Off special from now until the end of July 2007. Just contact billing@pair.com and ask to have the "12 for 24 special" applied to your July 2007 bill.

This special does not apply to set-up fees or any services added in the past or future -- it only applies to the services that you are being billed for right now. All services listed on your billing account will be billed for 12 months if you request this special.

This special will only be applied in July 2007 -- you are welcome to request it now, however, it will not be applied until next month.

Contact billing@pair.com with any questions.

Sign up or upgrade to the Webmaster hosting plan and pay no set-up fees during June 2007.

This special does not apply to over-usage fees, domain name registration fees, or any services added after an account has been created.

pair Networks Sign Up System -- http://www.pair.com/signup
During the month of June 2007, all NEW accounts will receive triple prepayment discounts, as shown:

     3 months prepaid -  6% discount (normally 2%)
     6 months prepaid - 12% discount (normally 4%)
    12 months prepaid - 24% discount (normally 8%)

This special pricing is available to new accounts only and applies only to hosting services purchased while signing up for a new account. It does not apply to upgrades of existing accounts. It does not apply to over-usage fees or domain name registration fees. Services added or changed after an account is created are eligible only for normal discounts. Certain restrictions apply.

Special Offers Web Page -- http://www.pair.com/services/specials.html
pair Networks Sign-Up System -- http://www.pair.com/signup

Tired of bad service or dishonesty from your current Web host?

Looking for a better deal or superior uptime?

Switch to pair Networks now and get WAIVED SET-UP FEES on any of our Web hosting plans -- just put the word REFUGEE, as in "Web hosting refugee," in the Coupon Code field when signing up. Set-up fees are waived for the account and the first domain name (only).

Feel free to tell anyone about our Refugee Special.

Special Offers Web Page -- http://www.pair.com/services/specials.html
pair Networks Sign-Up System -- http://www.pair.com/signup/

We are offering discounts on Dedicated IP hosting set-up fees when certain quantities are added through the Account Control Center during a calendar month.

  Add  5 or more during the same month -- get 50% off Set-up Fees
  Add 10 or more during the same month -- get 75% off Set-up Fees
  Add 20 or more during the same month -- get 100% off Set-up Fees

Domain name discounts are tabulated during the subsequent month's billing cycle. Monthly fees remain the same. This special does not apply to Shared IP and Parked domain names. Contact sales@pair.com for more information.

The official schedule for our upgrade from FreeBSD 4.8-STABLE to FreeBSD 6.2-RELEASE-p1 is now available at:
We're excited about the improved stability, security, and system performance that this upgrade will bring. As always, pair Networks appreciates your business!

brian has been an instructor for Stonehenge Consulting Services since 1998, and a Perl user since he was a Physics graduate student. He founded the first Perl users group, the New York Perl Mongers, as well as the Perl advocacy non-profit Perl Mongers, Inc. which helped form over 200 Perl user groups across the globe.

He maintains the perlfaq portions of the core Perl documentation, several modules on the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network, and some stand-alone scripts. He's the publisher of The Perl Review, a magazine devoted to Perl, and a frequent speaker at conferences including The Perl Conference, Perl University, MarcusEvans BioInformatics '02, and Yet Another Perl Conference. His writings on Perl appear in The Perl Journal, Dr. Dobbs, and The Perl Review.

pN: Why should serious developers care about a scripting language like Perl?

bdf: It all depends on the problem. If a dynamic language such as Perl is the right tool for the problem, then a serious developer will use it. Good developers learn several languages, and those languages become tools in their toolbox.

Besides that, it's incredibly easy to get a good job doing Perl now. A good developer who knows Perl can get snapped up pretty quickly. It's almost like the dot.com days, although companies are a lot smarter and not dealing with people who merely pretend to know Perl.

pN: What is your favorite Perl module?

bdf: I think this depends on when you ask me. I probably should write something to go through all of my code to see what I actually use. Today I was showing someone Dave Rolsky's DateTime module and how it can do simple date math, which is just what this person needed for his problem.

pN: What is the most interesting problem being solved with Perl today?

bdf: It all depends on the problem. If a dynamic language such as Perl is the right tool for the problem, then a serious developer will use it. Good developers learn several languages, and those languages become tools in their toolbox.

Besides that, it's incredibly easy to get a good job doing Perl now. A good developer who knows Perl can get snapped up pretty quickly. It's almost like the dot.com days, although companies are a lot smarter and not dealing with people who merely pretend to know Perl.

pN: How do you explain the differences between Perl 6 and Parrot to people?

bdf: Perl 6 is a language, and Parrot is something that will run Perl 6 programs. It's the same difference between Perl 5 the language and perl the binary program.

Parrot also runs other program text too, and eventually it will be able to connect code written in different languages so I can use (perhaps) libraries written in Python directly in my Perl 6 programs, or the other way around.

pN: People complain about how hard Pugs and Parrot are to install. Luckily for pair Networks customers, our upcoming FreeBSD 6.2 build will include Pugs and Parrot. With the install barrier out of the way, how would you advise people to get started coding in Perl 6 and Parrot?

bdf: This is an incredible service from a hosting company, and I'm very excited that pair is doing this because it means I can stop doing it for myself. Pugs is mostly hard to install because GHC is hard to install. I haven't had a big problem with Parrot. Most hosting companies are behind by about 5 years, but this puts pair 5 years into the future.

To get started, people can download my slides for my Learning Perl 6 talk and start typing in the examples.

I'm also working on "Learning Perl 6" with Randal Schwartz, and its web site is also hosted by pair. It's in its very early stages, but people can play along as we write it.

pN: By the way, how did you come to host at pair Networks?

bdf: When I first started The Perl Review (http://www.theperlreview.com), someone at pair wrote to me and offered me free hosting for the magazine. I tried pair, and really liked the hosting environment and how easy it was to configure everything, including MySQL and email, without having to talk to anyone. There was plenty of disk space, and everything I needed was already installed. Almost every Perl module I needed was already available. Pretty soon I moved over my personal web site too, and I've been pretty happy there. I don't think it could get any better without me hosting my own box and doing it all myself, and that's not something I want to do.

pN: Any final thoughts you have for all the Perl developers out there?

bdf: pair is a great place to develop Perl. Even if you don't need pair to host a web site, the other account features are great for Perl developers.

Celebrate pairNIC's 5th anniversary with us by registering, transferring, or renewing a domain name for 5 years for only $50. That's a $15 savings over the regular price.

Just visit https://wwww.pairnic.com to take advantage of this limited time offer. The special discount is good for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, and US domain names only. Restrictions apply -- contact support@pairnic.com for more information.

Have a domain name at another registrar? Transfer it over to pairNIC.com, and pay only $10 for each domain name year.

As with the 5 for $50 special, this special is good for COM, NET, ORG, BIZ, INFO, and US domain names only. Restrictions apply -- contact support@pairnic.com for more information.

We've recently released a new E-Mail Forwarding service for all pairNIC customers. Some of the main features are:
  • Multiple E-Mail Forwards
  • Web Site Forwarding-- Domain Name Parking
  • Intuitive, Newly Designed Interface
You can find these features in the pairNIC Domain Name Management interface under the Manage Domain Names section.

As the saying goes, we have an offer you just can't refuse. To help celebrate pairLite's grand opening, we're offering a limited time double contract term special. Choose a 3, 6, or 12 month term, we'll double it for the same price.

For example, for only $99.99 plus a one-time $30 set up fee, you can enjoy pairLite Web hosting for two whole years!

If this sounds good to you, then go to http://www.pairlite.com/signup today!

We've been asked recently: "What's the difference between pairLite and pair Networks Web hosting?". So, we decided to address the question in the form of a newsletter article -- enjoy!

While pairLite is backed by the expertise and experience of pair Networks, Inc., there are fundamental differences between pair Networks and pairLite Web hosting.

The main benefit of the pairLite Web hosting plan is that you have access to development tools such as MySQL, PHP, PHP CGI, Perl, Ruby, and more, plus a generous resource allowance, for a lower price point than you'll find with a comparable pair Networks hosting account. pairLite is the perfect Web hosting solution for savvy Webmasters trying out the technologies above or for people who need an inexpensive solution for their hobby Web site.

However, the differences listed below demonstrate why pair Networks Web hosting, and not pairLite, is the better fit for many individuals:

1. pairLite Has Contract Terms

With pairLite, you pay either a 3, 6, or 12 month contract. After the first 30 days of service, there are no refunds.

With pair Networks premium Web hosting, we'll refund your money for the time that you did not use.

2. pairLite Resources Have Hard Limits

There are never overusage fees with pairLite because resources such as disk space and bandwidth have a hard limit on them, which means that your Web site might not work if you go over these limits.

With pair Networks premium Web hosting, you can use as much resources as you wish (of course, over-usage fees may apply) and you can upgrade to a higher level account if you feel that you need more resources.

3. pairLite Offers Only E-Mail Support

To be able to offer you development tools at a lower cost, pairLite offers only e-mail support.

With pair Networks premium Web hosting, all accounts aside from the FTP account type offer phone support. And even with the FTP account, you can access support over the phone for the first 15 days of service.

4. No Add-On Services with pairLite

At the present time, there are no add-on services available with a pairLite account.

With a pair Networks premium Web hosting account, you can add a multitude of services such as Movable Type, SSL, and the ShopSite shopping cart application.

5. pairLite Is Only Available to US and Canadian Customers

Currently, pairLite is only available to US and Canadian customers.

pair Networks premium Web hosting, however, serves customers from over 150 countries all over the planet. For a list of these countries, visit:

Of course, there are other differences between pairLite and pair Networks Web hosting, such as the fact that you can only host up to ten domain names on a pairLite account and that pairLite uses only Shared IP Domain Hosting, but these are the main differences.

If you are interested in a pairLite Web hosting account, simply go to pairLite.com to sign up. If you'd like some additional information, please contact sales@pairlite.com, or call the toll free number below, and someone from our friendly Sales Team will be glad to help.

+1 877 PAIR NET (877 724-7638 Toll Free -- US and Canada)
option 1 -- 8am-8pm M-F (ET)

pair Networks hosts Web sites for businesses, bloggers, artists, musicians, and organizations from around the world. Many of these customers possess well-designed, high profile sites that we'd like to share with our Insider Newsletter subscribers. Take a look at some of the sites that we've chosen for this month's Customer Spotlight section.

Clothes Off Our Back (www.clothesoffourback.org)

The Clothes Off Our Back Foundation is a 501c3 organization that hosts charity auctions showcasing today's hottest celebrity attire.

Pastoral Furniture (www.pastoralfurniture.com)

Pastoral Furniture builds traditional wood outdoor garden tables designed specifically for historic properties.

RoadsideAmerica.com (www.roadsideamerica.com)

An online guide to offbeat tourist attractions.

Want to increase the power of your QuickServe dedicated server? Simply ask our friendly QuickServe team to upgrade the RAM in your QuickServe dedicated server.

Here are the prices for the different types of RAM:

1 GB Chip: $200
512 MB Chip: $100
256 MB Chip: $50
The installation of the RAM is included in these prices. The prices above are for DDR 400 RAM.

Contact our QuickServe dedicated server specialists at qs@pair.com to have them upgrade your QuickServe dedicated server. Prices change periodically, so please check with them on the latest prices for RAM upgrades.

Online stores have grown more and more sophisticated over the years. Today, many online stores not only present products that you can buy, they also try to match products with individual shoppers.

For instance, when you search for a particular item on Amazon.com or BestBuy.com, the sites display accessories and related items. This is a way to upsell and cross-sell products to customers.

Companies such as Best Buy and Amazon have mastered the art of letting their e-commerce Web sites sell for them. Before we discuss how you can turn your e-commerce site into a selling machine, let's first examine what the terms upsell and cross-sell really mean.

The term upselling refers to the displaying similar items that have more features and are usually more expensive. For example, if you sell televisions on your online store and someone searches for a 27 inch tube TV, you may also display related, and more expensive options, such as 27-32 inch flat panel televisions.

Cross-selling, on the other hand, involves selling related items or accessories to customers. For example, if you sell guitars online, you could display related items such as strings, guitar tuners, and picks. If you sell books, you could display other books in a similar genre or items such as bookmarks and book lights.

Upselling and cross-selling are classic sales techniques that have been used for years. If you've ever purchased a meal at a fast-food restaurant and were asked if you wanted to upgrade to the larger "value meal," you've just been upsold. E-commerce technology now allows you to take such techniques and use them in the virtual world of e-commerce.

If you are using e-commerce tools such as ShopSite (which is offered by pair Networks), you can also make your online store work for you. ShopSite allows you to display related items or accessories when your customers search for products.

For example, if you have an online hardware store and your customers search for an electric drill, you can now offer them the ability to buy extra drill bits or related tool sets. Doing so will allow your Web site to be your best sales person and likely increase your sales in no time at all.

For more information of pair Networks' e-commerce offerings, please visit:

If you haven't turned your Web site into an e-commerce store yet, please contact our friendly Support Team at support@pair.com, and they'll help you get your online business up and running.

It's even easier to sign up for the Web Hosting Referral Program. If you are a current customer, you can sign up for the Referral Program right from our Account Control Center (ACC). Just agree to the online Referral Program contract, and in a couple business days time, you'll be able to start using the banners and links available in the ACC. And most importantly, you'll be able to start earning money for just promoting pair Networks.

Look for this new feature under the Account Administration section in the ACC.

Customers that are already participating can find helpful tips for improving their results on this Web page:

You can also ontact our Business Development Department at busdev@pair.com and we will be happy to help.

  • We host over 190,000 unique Web sites.
  • We have over 15,000 Value-Added and Authorized Resellers.
  • We have over 1,500 Web servers in our custom-built datacenter.
  • We have customers from over 150 countries.
  • promote.pair.com has served over 4,000,000,000 banners since February 2002.
  • We host over 20,000 electronic mailing lists.
  • Our servers deliver over 400,000,000 hits per day.
  • We have over 63 Terabytes of storage on our servers.
  • On a typical day, we deliver over 3 Terabytes of data to our visitors.
  • We are deploying Intel servers at 3000 MHz and above.
  • All shared Web servers feature our ShadowDrive® Technology.
  • We have been online for more than 137 months continuously.
  • Our customer base includes a remarkable number of high-profile, high-volume sites, some of whom have been featured as our Site of the Week -- http://www.pair.com/csotw/

The "long list" of advantages is available here:

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Phone +1 877 PAIR NET (US and Canada)
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Fax +1 412 381-9997

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