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  • pair reseller program - reselling our Web site hosting services
  • pairColo - co-location packages and network services in Pittsburgh, PA
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Community & Giving Back

pair Networks is proud to sponsor a variety of organizations. From worth-while community organizations to world-wide organizations, pair Networks is always willing to lend a hand (or a hosting account).


Chatham Baroque
An internationally acclaimed musical ensemble

Western PA Humane Society
The Western Pennsylvania Chapter of the Humane Society

WYEP is an independent media organization in Pittsburgh building community around compelling music and information content and sustained through public support.

Essential Public Radio
Essential Public Radio is an independent and innovative listener-supported public media organization.

WQED Multimedia
WQED Multimedia creates, produces and distributes quality programs, products and services to engage, inform, educate and entertain the public within its community and around the world.

Global Links
Global Links is a medical relief and development organization dedicated to promoting environmental stewardship and improving health in resource-poor communities, primarily in Latin America and the Caribbean.


Green Map System ®
Green Map System promotes inclusive participation in sustainable community development worldwide, using mapmaking as a medium.

Leilani Munter aka Carbon Free Girl
Leilani Munter is a biology graduate turned race car driver and environmental and clean energy activist.

Group Against Smog & Pollution
Group Against Smog and Pollution (GASP) is a non-profit citizens group in Southwestern Pennsylvania working for a healthy, sustainable environment.

Ethical Community is a marketplace where you can buy ethical products directly from the sellers, and get to know each seller and learn about the story behind the products.

Open-Source Software
One of the largest download sites in the world for many popular open-source software projects

The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network

Perl Monks
Perl programming help

The Perl Review
An online Perl magazine

The Perl Foundation
An organization dedicated to the advancement of the Perl programming language

The FreeBSD Foundation
An organization that furthers the development of the FreeBSD operating system

The PHP Group
An organization that maintains PHP, a widely-used general-purpose scripting language

Open source e-commerce solutions

If you would like pair Networks to help your organization, contact us [mailto:, subject "sponsorship request"] with specifics and we will be happy to consider your organization.